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Clever Endeavors Early Care & Education, Inc. employs a five dimensional view of children's school readiness, addressing: physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; approaches to learning, literacy and language development, and cognition and general knowledge. We utilize the California Department of Education Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) to assess each child in these areas. Classrooms are set up following the criteria established for the highest (Excellent) score on Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Revised (ECERS-3) rubric. Our program defines school readiness as cognitive readiness, and places an emphasis on overall emotional well-being.


Additionally, every parent is acknowledged as the child's first teacher and encouragement, information, and assistance are provided through training and support.

Just as important as an enjoyable and fun, structured-but-flexible "inside" program, time for exercise and muscle development is equally important to your child's overall learning. Clever Endeavors' large play area holds several different playscapes, each age-appropriate for younger and older children and designed for safety and fun. Active outside learning and play promotes healthy all-around behavior and learning skills.

Communication is key between parents, teachers and staff, and a formal process has been developed to ensure all key contributors to your child's success are "in the know".


  • Learning Genie daily reports

  • Weekly lesson plan

  • Progress Notes and Assessments twice per year

  • Monthly Newsletters

Program outline


Infants are becoming experts at learning through their senses while establishing bonds with their closest caregivers! New experiences in the comfort of their safe people allows their brains to flourish as they gain new skills every day.

your child's daily schedule

is based upon their individual family

plan in an effort to create consistency

between home and school, while also

including a variety of:

  • Inside and Outside Time (as weather permits)

  • Music and Movement Experiences

  • Art and Sensory Exploration

  • Language Enrichment

  • Social-Emotional Bonding and Connection


As our youngest learners become more mobile, they continue to seek out information through their senses and increase their use of language to start describing their environment. While becoming masters at their own learning style, Toddlers also increase their skills and capabilities through acquisition and practice of self-help skills.

your child's day

  • Inside and Outside Time

  • Music and Movement Experiences: a variety of music experiences including listening, singing and dancing to different genres

  • Materials in the classroom are designed to provide children with opportunities to build skills across the following areas: gross motor activities - building balance, coordination and muscular endurance; fine motor activities - strengthening the small muscles needed to develop language, hand-eye coordination and gross motor balance.

  • Language & Literacy Development: increase vocabulary, create strong synaptic connections and develop an appreciation for literacy and print.

  • Art, Math and Science Activities

  • Social-Emotional and Self-Help Skills


Two year olds are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness to try new things. A rapid increase in their ability to learn concepts and skills takes place during this time, and verbal skills also continue to develop at a terrific pace. However, the need for nurturing is still a primary need, and nurturing and learning are provided in a balanced manner.

your child's day

  • Inside and Outside Time

  • Morning Exercises/ Dancing

  • Fine Motor Activities: blocks, art, small manipulatives, sensory

  • Gross Motor Activities: ball throwing and catching, hoop hopping, obstacle course, climbing, playing

  • Language Development: labeling, talking, story time, finger plays

  • Art, Math, and Science Activities

  • Music: movement, singing

  • Social Skills 

three's,four's & Five's

The pride children take at this age in new accomplishments fills them with the desire to learn more. They are transforming into independent and active learners. Vocabulary, coordination, intellectual thinking and social skills are all being developed at this stage. Clever Endeavors provides the challenges and fun they need to continue to grow in an age-specific format. Preschool concepts become progressively more structured to ensure children master the core skills they need to succeed in their school years. Clever Endeavors provides essential reading, writing, math, science, and social skills in a fun, logical, and comfortable environment.

your child's day

  • Inside and Outside Time

  • Morning Exercises/ Dancing

  • Afternoon Physical Fitness

  • Fine Motor Activities: blocks, art, small manipulatives, sensory

  • Gross Motor Activities: ball throwing and catching, obstacle course, climbing, playing

  • Language Development: labeling, talking, story time, plays

  • Computers

  • Journal Writing

  • Circle Time

  • Art, Math, and Science Activities

  • Music: Movement, singing

  • Social and self-help skills activities

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