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Parent Testimonials

Thank you so much for all you do to create such an accepting and supportive school environment. It's Emma's second home, and we're so proud of the growth she has made and the confidence she has shown since she began at Clever Endeavors. We feel so blessed and we thank you!

- The Goldstein Family

My daughter is ahead in Kindergarten! We are so thankful for the education provided by Clever Endeavors. The Pre-K class with Ms. Angela and Ms. Kim prepared Morgan academically and socially. She was already familiar with what was expected of her, which made going into Kindergarten an easy transition.

- Rossana de Freitas-Healy

I like the 'family feeling' of the people I leave my child with. I want him to be in a loving environment and he is getting a fantastic educational head start as a plus!

- Amanda Fazio

My child gets a nice balance of academics, exploration and free time. She is experiencing a good introduction to the school environment, which will help her be prepared for the future! She is learning in a relaxed but focused environment where there are objectives to be met -- not just "play time" with no direction. Open and caring staff who are willing to work with parents to provide the best care for our kids; positive approach to misbehavior. Very friendly and dedicated staff. Attention to details; great, helpful reports at the end of the day.

- Kim Fullwood

For the past Three years, my daughter Kimia, has been spending more of her time (that she is not sleeping), at Clever Endeavors. Every day I drop her off, I am confident that she is in great hands. A place where she will not only learn the basics of preschool and kindergarten, but more importantly, how to be a friend and a healthy, productive part of the society.

The amount of care and knowledge that goes in the everyday running of Clever Endeavors, far exceeds the amount of money I have paid throughout the years. How much IS peace of mind worth? To know that what's most precious to us is in the capable and loving hands of a group of ladies who obviously enjoy their work? Priceless.

- Fara Chang

The two best decisions we ever made…saying yes at the altar and enrolling at Clever Endeavors!

- Jeff and Laura Kearney

My daughter loves to come to school at Clever Endeavors. Ms. Angela provides a warm and safe place for her to learn and grow into the student she will become, while still allowing for exploring and playtime. With Ms. Angela's guidance, our daughter has learned to read books well above her age level. I couldn't think of a better teacher to lay the basic foundation for her many years of education to come. The staff at Clever Endeavors couldn't be more friendly or helpful. We recommend Clever Endeavors every chance we get.

- Paula Harrisberger

We enrolled our first daughter in Clever Endeavors in 2007. We were looking for a school environment that offered academic, social, and physical growth. Being in education for over 16 years, I analyzed Clever Endeavors philosophy and the program they offered. After Olivia's first day of school, we all have had only an extremely positive experience there. So rewarding, our second daughter started her first school experience there in October. Gabriella asks every day if she is going to school. The teachers at Clever Endeavors teach, in a fun way, the beginning basics that give children confidence and motivation to be life long learners. Both of our daughters have shown us age appropriate social skills that carry over from the modeling of their teachers. As a parent, one of the greatest comforts is knowing that your child/children are in a safe, enriching, and fun school environment. Clever Endeavors offers this and more!

- Ann Falchetti

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